Time to Dust Off Your Running Shoes: Friends of Peabody Ragnar Relay Will Be Back This Fall

In pre-COVID days, a rotating, but dedicated and crazy group of Peabody School Parents, Aunts, Uncles, and Friends would spend Mother’s Day weekend running 200 miles to raise funds for our beloved school. We’ve raised over $21k since the team began racing. Even in the midst of the pandemic last May, we pulled in over $4000 with the help of a bunch of new families and Peabody kids. 

As with the rest of 2021, everything about this year’s Ragnar is different. Different location! Different time of year! Masks! COVID precautions! But some things remain the same:

  • We run a long distance, team, overnight running relay that covers approximately 200 miles. 
  • This year’s race is October 22-23 and runs from Groton, CT to Quincy, MA over two days and one night.  
  • Each participant runs three times, with each leg ranging between 3-13 miles and varying in difficulty. Runners average about 17 total miles, with some of the shorter runner positions totaling 11 miles and some of the longer runner positions totaling 24 miles. 
  • You can walk, you can crawl, and we don’t care how fast you are (or are not). Almost every single team member, over the past few years, has said, “but I’m not a runner.” 

We do this insanity because we believe firmly in supporting the public education that is helping to prepare our children to be the leaders of tomorrow, and to support The Friends of the Peabody School (FoP). We know that the 2021/2022 school year will likely be unprecedented in numerous ways, and would love to pull together a strong team to support the school and our kids. 

We’re going to be organizing some group runs so you can meet returning team members and get people psyched for the October race. If this sounds up your alley or you have questions about the event, please reach out to Jenn McManus-Goode.

2020 Annual Solicitation (or not)

It’s the time of year that Friends of Peabody would usually be working hard to prepare for our annual solicitation. Since everything is different this year, we are postponing our solicitation for now. However, we have still heard from some families who want to generously donate and of course we continue to welcome those donations! If you are interested in donating to Friends of Peabody this year, you can continue to make donations via PayPal through our Donations page or send a check directly to us at the school address:

Peabody School
70 Rindge Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140

Thank you to everyone who supports Friends of Peabody, whether it’s a donation of your time, money, energy or anything else. We couldn’t continue to support our school and our children without your help.

Our EIN for tax purposes is 81-3656059.

Looking for Families to Join FoP

Friends of Peabody welcomes everyone back to the new school year. We know that this one is going to be challenging for everybody and we have started to talk about how we can best support the Peabody community through this. We will certainly share more as we figure some of this out, but first we’d love to invite anybody who is interested to join FoP. Whether your family is new to Peabody or whether you’ve been in the community for a few years now, we would welcome new voices to our group.

What does “join” mean? All it means is that you come to our meetings and contribute to our discussions, provide new ideas, or just listen. Of course, our meetings are going to be at your computer this year and we probably won’t have our first full meeting until October, once everyone is somewhat-settled into the school year. In the meantime, if are interested in what we do or want to get more involved, send us a message at and we’ll be sure to include you as we start our planning for the year.