In Gratitude and Appreciation

The Friends of Peabody wish to honor the contributions of our FoP team-member and friend, Janice Buck. When her daughter Ellie enrolled at Peabody, Janice jumped in with two feet, volunteering her skills, wisdom and humor to help with all facets of FoP, especially the finances. She shunned the spotlight, but did more than pull her weight with her positive, pragmatic, and thorough approach to our work. We are committed to continuing that work as we extend our love to Ellie and Darren and work to build a community for Ellie, her classmates, and the whole Peabody family.

JANICE BUCK obituary, Westwood, MA

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Friends of Peabody acknowledges the contributions of all past board members, friends, and community members. The efforts, time spent, and dedication help make the Peabody community a beautiful place!

— FoP Board